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Juror and Jury decision making

In this line of research, we have focused on evaluating how jurors make decisions in various contexts, with the goal of helping jurors make the best possible decisions. We have explored how jurors process evidence such as confession evidence or expert testimony, testing how jurors perceive the evidence and mechanisms or procedural safeguards to help improve their comprehension. We have also explored how jurors make decisions in certain types of cases, such as juvenile waiver cases or sexual harassment cases, examining how the context and procedural aspects of the case affect decision making.  Last, we are interested in examining the group decision making process, integrating information from models of juror decision making with group process variables to understand the deliberation process. 

Selected products associated with this area of research

Levett, L.M.^^ & Devine, D.M.^^ (2017). Developing an explanation-based theory of jury decision making: Integrating individual and group models. In M.B. Kovera (Ed.), The Psychology of Juries. American Psychological Association Press.

^^both authors contributed equally to this manuscript

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