Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation:
  • Before asking me to write you a letter of recommendation, please read the following guidelines. As your goal is to get the best letters of recommendation possible, my goal is to write the best recommendations possible for my students. These guidelines are provided to help us both:

  • For me to write a great letter, I should know you and your academic abilities pretty well. Generally, if you only had me for one class (and that class had over 100 people in it), I may not be the best fit to ask for a letter of recommendation. 

  • Set up an appointment with me through email ( or stop by during my office hours to request a letter.  This should be at least a month before your first letter is due for graduate school, and 6 weeks before your first letter is due for law school. 

  • Once I have agreed to write your letter, I need all the materials to do so at least 3 weeks before your first deadline for graduate school, and 6 weeks before your first deadline for law school.  Materials should be turned into my office in Turlington 3336. Here is a list of the materials that I will need:

  1. A copy (unofficial is fine) of your college transcripts.

  2. A copy of your vita or resume

  3. A copy of your personal statement

  4. A list of all the schools you are applying to in a word document. Links to the submission sites should also be sent to my email ( Please fill out all my information as completely as possible. 

  5. A signed FERPA release form allowing me to disclose information about you in the letter. You can find this form below.

  6.  Fill out the letter of recommendation form linked below. 

  7. Your contact information (email, phone, address, etc).

Addressed/stamped envelopes for me to mail in your letters if they are to be returned via snail mail.