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Fall 2019 New Beginnings

As we are getting back into the swing of things for the Fall semester, the LEAD lab is back up and running! This semester, we welcome back some familiar faces. The returning graduate students are Cassidy Haigh, Gissel Perez, Amanda Lewis, and Stephanie Mintz. Our returning undergraduate students are Lily Goldberg, Nicole Guillen, Nicole Hernandez, Daniela Ravelo, Taylor Goodman, and Alyssa Marques. We welcome some new faces this semester as well! Our new graduate researcher is Shelby Mikkelson and our new undergraduate researchers are Gabrielle Salie, Harrison Long, Kenna Rudominer, Oren Glickman, Alayna Bruckner, Alexandra Gomez, Stephanie Giralt, and Autumn Williams. Congratulations to all the new members for joining our team! This is the largest team of researchers the LEAD Lab has had yet and we cannot wait to get started!

We are all excited to continue working on the large project we began last semester, where we started creating a database of wrongful convictions in order to code and analyze specific variables involved. This process has been a lengthy and meticulous one; however, having new students in lab to contribute will be a great help! We are also excited for Lily Goldberg, Nicole Guillen, and Nicole Hernandez who will be working simultaneously on their independent study project examining the aftermath of wrongful conviction. LEAD Lab has so many exciting plans for this semester and we are excited to share what we accomplish on our blog!

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